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Lucent General English Book in Hindi Edition Free Download

Hello Students! आज हम आप सभी के लिए बहोत महत्वपूर्ण eBook लेकर आये हे खास Competitive Exams की तेंयारी करने के लिए, इस Book का नाम “Lucent General English Book” हे जो खास SSC, SSC CGL, UPSC, IAS, MBA, MCA, PCS, NDA, CDS, UGC, RAILWAY, BANK & INSURANCE, POLICE , DEFENCE, Other Competitive Exams की तेंयारी करने के लिए Lucent’s Publication द्वारा बनाया गया हे|

यह Lucent General English Book in Hindi Edition Pdf Book आपको Hindi/English भाषा में पढने को मिलेगी, इस Pdf Book को पढने के लिए Download करे|

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Lucent’s General English in Hindi Edition Book Contents:

  1. Syntax
  2. Articles
  3. Noun
  4. Noun and the Number
  5. Noun and the Gender
  6. Noun and the Case
  7. Pronoun
  8. Adjective
  9. Interchange of Degrees of Comparison
  10. Times and Tense
  11. Narration
  12. Voice
  13. Removal of too
  14. Verb
  15. Verb Form
  16. Auxiliary Verbs
  17. Adverb
  18. Preposistion
  19. Conjunction
  20. Non-Finites
  21. Question Tags
  22. EmPhatic with Do/Does/Did
  23. Common Error
  24. Correction of The Sentences
  25. Transformation of Sentences
  26. Analysis of Sentences
  27. Transformation of Sentences
  28. Synthesis of Sentences
  29. Synonyms
  30. Antonyms
  31. One Word Substitution
  32. Phrasal Verbs
  33. Word often Confused
  34. Idioms and Phrases
  35. Proverbs
  36. Foreign Words and Phrases
  37. Spelling Test
  38. Miscellaneous
  39. The Same Word Used as Different Part of Speech

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About Book Details:

  • Book Name: Lucent General English Book
  • Publication: Lucent Publication
  • Language: Hindi/English
  • Pages: 557Pages
  • Size: 166MB
  • Format: PDF File
  • Uploaded: Google Drive

Download Lucent General English Book Pdf

Lucent General English Book in Hindi Edition Pdf अभी अपने Mobile और Laptop या फिर PC में Download कर के रखलिजिये ताकि आप जब चाहे तब इसे पढ़ सके|

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